the aura, a luminous force field surrounding us

As living creatures we already have a built in protective system surrounding us. It is known as our aura. The aura is the natural emanation of electromagnetic energy that radiates outward from your body. It forms a luminous force field in the shape of an egg and is composed of subtle colour radiances which reflect the quality of your consciousness, emotions, thoughts, and health. The healthier you are, the more you meditate and practise grounding and cleansing techniques, the stronger and more brilliant your aura will become. Under normal circumstances that is all that is necessary to protect yourself but if you sense or feel the need for protection from negative energies created by the harmful thoughts and feelings of others, upsetting situations, toxic places and environments, people who drain you of your energy, or experience bad dreams, there are several protective techniques that you can practise and apply to yourself, others, objects, and places.



Imagine your aura flooding with golden white light. This light expands and radiates outward beyond the outer surface of your aura and begins to encircle you beginning below your feet and circling round and round upward to completely encircle your body to form a protective cocoon that negative energy cannot penetrate.



Imagine the outer surface of the luminous force field that surrounds you is in the shape of an egg. The surface of this egg begins to take on a metallic appearance. It becomes golden pink and completely surrounds you. It shimmers and glows and becomes a metallic golden pink reflective surface that reflects and deflects any negative energies that seek to penetrate the surface of your auric egg.



Ground yourself and imagine that you are connected to the earth through roots of light that descend from the soles of your feet and travel deep into the earth. Imagine that your aura begins to slowly move around you rotating in a clockwise direction. The pace of the motion increases and your aura spins around you, spinning and spinning at least 10 to 12 times.This whirling motion grabs onto any negative energy around you and flings it off where it sinks into the earth.