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savvy and free is an inspirational educational site dedicated to offering techniques, meditations, and empowering tips to successfully navigate the rapidly changing currents of our times. Everyone is welcome here! All you need to have is an open heart and mind and a desire to grow no matter what age you are or what circumstances you find yourself in.


Think of this site as a resource of information - a portal to discovering a variety of methods and practises that will suit your individual interest and level of commitment to exploring the inner realms of consciousness and evolving spiritually. The goal of this site is to offer techniques, meditations, and empowering tips that will assist the individual to :

- tune into their Higher Self

- inspire and empower oneself

- aid in the healing of the planet and raising  the consciousness of Humanity

- enhance and reinvent yourself from the inside out 


This site was created by Vicki Israel, a self confessed flower child who was determined to keep her hippie values of peace, love, and harmony close to her heart as she grew older and had to navigate her own way through life.


My mantra is to be SAVVY - wise, discerning, perceptive, and insightful and FREE - self directed, independent, individualistic, and liberated. I am now at an age where it is time to share what I have learned with the world. I offer this site to all of you in the hopes that YOU WILL BE SAVVY AND FREE.

Image of Hippie girl at a Vancouver Be-in in 1968


( The photo above an image of me at one of the first Be-In's in Vancouver 1968. )


To discover more about Vicki Israel please check out the bio area located on the SERVICES page & browse her Art and Design site : vickiisraelcreative.com