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Everyone feels the need for love, wisdom, and support and we are taught to look outside ourselves for the fulfillment of this need. We have an endless source of love, wisdom, and support already present within us, at the heart of our being. Through meditation we contact this infinite source of nurturing energy and find the inner resources necessary to be responsible for our own growth and well being. These meditation techniques offered are designed to help contact and access this inner wellspring and enable us to heal and nurture themselves. Meditation is a very valuable method to gain perspective and relief from the stress and anxieties of our ever changing world. You will find that through time spent in meditation you will gain clarity of mind, insight, and inner guidance. You will notice that you are more tuned in to others and your environment and that your intuition and other higher senses are enhanced.



Meditate in the same place each day if possible.

Begin with a small ritual such as offering flowers, lighting a candle, burning incense.

You could place a meaningful image of a tranquil, spiritual, or personally empowering theme in front of you. This helps make the transition from mundane day to day routine to a special time for yourself to reach inward and draw from personal sources.

You might like to play serene music for a little while before you begin meditation.

It is very important that you feel secure and that you are meditating in a relatively quiet undisturbed area. Unplug the phone, close the door, put a do not disturb sign up, don't respond to the doorbell. This time is for you. Position yourself into a comfortable position so that when you meditate you are not distracted by pain or discomfort. Sit in a chair or on the couch with your back straight and legs uncrossed. A pillow might help. You might prefer to sit on the floor propped against the wall or cross legged, sitting on a pillow. The most important factors are that your back is straight and you are in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and place your hands on your legs or in your lap. 




You might like to begin with the RELAXING and GROUNDING exercises described in the TECHNIQUES section of this site. Then choose one of the methods of meditation offered below, BREATH, MANTRAS, or VISUALIZATION. Spend a couple of weeks on one of these methods of meditation then try another one for a couple of weeks. After trying the third method for a couple of weeks choose which one suits you the most and stick with it for a committed period of time. Meditate either first thing in the morning or last thing at night for maximum results.

Be patient with yourself when trying any of these meditation methods by trying not to overthink it, force your thoughts to go away, or worrying whether you are doing it correctly. It is helpful to meditate at the same time every day. Set aside 20 minutes to half an hour to meditate. This sets up a pattern that is conducive to including meditation into your daily schedule.


Buddha demonstrating working with the breath

After relaxing and grounding you are ready to begin Riding the Breath..... Riding the breath has a relaxing and healing benefit and helps you get in touch with your essence and focus on the here and now.

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Mantras, the power of sound

Mantras, the repeated use of a particular sound or short phrase, has been used for thousands of years in meditation practise to help focus and transform subtle energies within us and surrounding us. Through the repeated use of words or sounds our body relaxes and our mind and senses become still and aware. We naturally become connected to healing and empowering energies which enable us to restore natural balance and harmony in our lives.

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Visualization image of rippled water

Visualization is the technique of using the power of your imagination to create and visualize images, symbols, objects, scenarios, and ideal realities in your minds eye. It is an effective way to attract positive energy into yourself and to expand your creativity. Visualization has many health benefits as well, decreasing stress and anxiety and helping you become  more aware of the connection between body and mind. Practice visualization during meditation when the mind and body is relaxed and clear to enhance your consciousness and focus your mind.  

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Egyptian Goddesses introducing Meditation technique

The Pathworking section will offer more advanced techniques for inner journeying and will include:


Meditations on the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, a new entry!


Exploring the Upper, Middle, and Lower Worlds using a variety of methods and practises including Shamanism and Lucid Dream work.  ( in process...)