Visualization is the technique of using the power of your imagination to create and visualize images, symbols, objects, scenarios, and ideal realities in your minds eye. It is a fundamental process that allows you to consciously create your own reality by using the creative power of thought. It is an effective way to attract positive energy into yourself and to expand your creativity. Visualization has many health benefits as well, decreasing stress and anxiety and helping you become  more aware of the connection between body and mind. Practice visualization during meditation when the mind and body is relaxed and clear to enhance your consciousness and focus your mind. Below are several creative visualization techniques that will help you connect your Higher Self and with your Earthly Self.



The  soul star is a symbol of your Higher Self and is located approximately 6 inches above your head. It is perceived as a luminous brilliant ball of light that is a direct link to your Soul. It is composed of radiant energy and shines like a star in the sky. It creates a halo of light above your head, responds to the attention of the mind during meditation, and is an intelligent force that connects the physical, emotional, and mental parts of your self with your Soul. During meditation use the power of your imagination to link with your Soul Star. Begin by drawing your attention to a point approximately 6 inches above your head. Visualize, in your minds eye, a brilliant luminous ball of light. As you continue to focus your mind on this point of light imagine it radiating and activating with your attention. Feel its power, presence, and brilliance. Connect with it through your mind and know that this is the intermediary or link with your Higher Self, the most evolved, aware, loving, conscious, intelligent part of your being. Remain aware of the Soul Star during your meditation practise and allow it to guide and enhance you as you try out different techniques of meditation. For best results link with your Soul Star as the first step in all your meditation sessions after you are relaxed and before using grounding and cleansing techniques.



The Earth Star is the agent of your human existence and is a symbol of your earthly form and deeply connects you to the grounding, healing, soothing, nourishing energies of the earth. It symbolizes the sacred body or dwelling place of your earth bound spirit that supports and provides the foundation of your present existence. After linking with your soul star imagine a brilliant sphere of light 6 inches below your feet. Focus your attention on it and visualize the earth star activating and radiating light and energy. Linking with your earth star helps you remain grounded during meditation and is always there for you to connect with after completing your meditation session to aid you in returning to everyday reality. If during any point in your meditation you feel too spaced out or light headed return your attention to the earth star.



The central channel is a bridge of light that acts as a conduit or link that facilitates the flow of energy between your Soul Star and your Earth Star. It creates a balance and a connection between your body and Higher Self. To activate this connection imagine a vertical hollow cord of light energy that runs through your entire body beginning far above your head and extends downward through the top of your head, neck, and  torso where it continues its downward descent deep into the earth. Draw your attention to your Soul Star and feel its connection with your central channel. Feel the presence of your central channel as you move your attention downward from the Soul Star along the path it takes through your body and down into the earth where it connects to your Earth Star. Now draw your attention to the Earth Star. Feel the connection between the Earth Star and the  central channel. You have just created a bridge of conscious awareness between spirit and matter, the Soul Star with the Earth Star. By becoming more aware of this connection you naturally begin to grow and evolve in a more balanced wholistic manner. For best results link with your Soul Star as the first step in all your meditation sessions after you are relaxed then link with your Earth Star, below your feet. Imagine the central channel  connecting your Soul Star to your Earth Star. Know that this central channel acts as a link between your Higher Self, symbolized by the Soul Star and your earthly self, symbolized by the Earth Star. You are now deeply grounded to your earthly form while connected with your Higher Self. This bridge of light, the central channel, enables you to exist in both worlds simultaneously.