Lotus floating on Cosmic Stream symbolising Pathworking techniques. Illustration by Vicki Israel
Illustration by Vicki Israel


Pathworking is a term used to describe the experience of consciously taking an inner journey using your imagination with a destination point in mind. The destination could be :

- To link up to and connect with a God or Goddess, a Guru, or a Spiritual Being in order to ask for guidance. 

- It could be a quest destination where you desire to find your lost Power.

- To meet your Animal Spirit.

- To seek to reenter a dream you had the night before because you want to find answers and gain understanding.

- You might take an inner journey to discover past incarnations in order to understand this one.


You could also utilize the method of Pathworking to understand and experience the 10 sephiroth located on the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah.

Using the paths on the Tree of Life you might want to explore the corresponding Higher Arcana Tarot Cards.


These are just a few destination ideas you could explore while Pathworking.


There are several methods used to prepare yourself for your inner journey. For a successful experience it is crucial to get yourself into a receptive open state of mind. This usually involves putting yourself in a light trance state.

Here are some recommended methods:

- You could begin with traditional meditation techniques listed and described above in the Meditation section.

- You could use repetitive movement like dance or listen to sound such as rattles, tuning forks, Tibetan crystal bowls, drumming, or Brainwave Binaural sound ( described in the Tips section. )

- You could scry into a crystal, a darkened monitor screen, or a bowl of water or black ink.

- You could use self hypnosis techniques such as counting backward from 10 to 1 or you could see those numbers visually countdown on a blackened screen in your mind's eye.


After putting yourself into a receptive open state of mind state out loud your intention - the destination, the reason why you want to go there and what you hope to learn and experience. Be specific.  

Always state that  "it is your intent to only experience the Highest and Purest of Energies and Frequencies and that you do so under the protection of _________ ( your Higher Self/God/Goddess/Great Spirit etc. ) "


Below you will discover some of the techniques and destinations I use in my Pathworking journeys.


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