vortex of energy

Within and surrounding our aura are many types of energies. Some of these energies come from people we see during the course of the day while other types of energies come from the thoughts and feelings we experience as a reaction to these people, from news reports we hear, and from worries and anxieties we find ourselves revisiting in our mind. The more we revisit these types of thoughts and feelings the more powerful they become. All these types of energies tend to clutter and muddy our aura and may affect our ability to stay focussed, aware, and centred. We can't control other people's energies but we can control how it affects us. We can control how much we fret, worry, and remain in a state of stress or anxiety, endlessly replaying upsetting scenarios. There are several methods available to help us purify and cleanse ourselves of these unwanted energies. The end of the day is an ideal time to practise the methods listed below as your aura can strengthen and rejuvenate as you rest and heal with a good night's sleep.



Imagine a whirlwind vortex of energy appearing high above your head. It is shaped like a funnel with the narrow part of the funnel closest to you and the widest part, which is at least 10 feet at the uppermost part of the top. The vortex begins to slowly descend towards you in a spinning motion and completely surrounds you. You feel a strong pull of the movement of the vortex wind as it moves in a spiral motion downward through and about your body sweeping away all the negative energies within and about you and moving downward deep within the earth dispersing these energies into the depths of the earth where they are rendered harmless. You will feel the vortex moving downward about you and when you sense it no more, create another one high above you and repeat the process 3 to 5 times until you feel cleansed and purified. The Vortex method can easily be performed during the day as needed as well as at the end  of the day. It will leave you refreshed, clear headed, and centred in the here and now.



For best results relax, ground yourself and practise a few minutes of the Riding the Breath meditation. Imagine a waterfall before you, It is a  warm day and you smell and hear the sound of the fresh water as it rushes downwards off the rocks of a cliff and pools into a crystal clear shallow pond. The water is glistening with reflective light from the sun and it sparkles and shimmers as it dances off the rock cliff and bounces into the pond. You enter the pond and move towards the waterfall. As the showers of water hit the surface of the shallow pool they splash you and you laugh. It feels so inviting! Slowly move into the waterfall and feel the fresh sparkling water as it falls on your skin cleansing and purifying you, washing away the negative energies surrounding you. Some of the negative energies will evaporate with the water droplets while others will sink down into the pool and be absorbed into the earth. When you feel cleansed bring your awareness back into your body and ground yourself, take a deep breath, and return to everyday reality.


If you find imagining the waterfall surrounding you too challenging try meditating in the shower and substitute the water from the waterfall to water coming from the shower head. Let this water falling on your skin wash away the negative energies surrounding and disappear down the drain leaving you fresh and clean.



First Nations have traditionally cleansed their auras and the surrounding environment with the practise of smudging. Smudging is the practise of burning certain herbs, usually sage or cedar, to allow the smoke of the herbs to cleanse and purify negative energies. Herbs can be bundled and waved around the aura, object, or room that need cleansing. Incense, with the fragrance of cedar, sage, lavender, or sandalwood can also be used for this purpose. Before beginning any of the techniques or meditations discussed in this site you might like to practise this ancient and very effective practise. This will prepare you to fully embrace the benefits of each method without negative energies weighing you down.