Mantras, the repeated use of a particular sound or short phrase, has been used for thousands of years in meditation practise to help focus and transform subtle energies within us and surrounding us. Through the repeated use of words or sounds our body relaxes and our mind and senses become still and aware. We naturally become connected to healing and empowering energies which enable us to restore natural balance and harmony in our lives.


Mantra practise is very simple and direct. All that is necessary to prepare for this type of meditation practice is to relax, get grounded, and ride the breath until you feel calm, centred in the present, and soothed. To learn how to prepare for this meditation please refer to the TECHNIQUES section of this site. Once you feel grounded and relaxed begin repeating your chosen mantra either silently or aloud. Do this for 15 - 20 minutes to start.


There are many mantras to choose from, any vowel sound is a good choice to begin. Examples of vowel sounds are Uh, Ooo, Oh, Eye, Aye, Eee. Ah. 


Let us begin with the sound AH.

Silently chant the mantra AH repeatedly. You may find yourself chanting the mantra on each out-breath and in-breath or you may find yourself randomly chanting AH with no apparent pattern. It does not matter which. At some point in the meditation the sound may fade away and you may find yourself within a vast still and open realm filled with the energy of the universe. Swirling colours may appear. This is perfectly fine, just go with it, for the mantra AH activates and stimulates this particular experience.


Each time you meditate try a different vowel sound. When you have found two vowel sounds that resonate with you try combining them, for example, Ah Eee or Aye Eee. 

Experiment with chanting one of the pair of vowel sounds on the in breath, for example ( Ah ) and the other sound ( Eee ) on the out breath.


Once you have mastered combining 2 vowel sounds together try a combination of 3 sounds. Here is a classic Buddhist example of a mantra that uses 3 sounds, OM AH HUM. This mantra purifies all negative actions of the body, speech, and mind. It also serves to purify the environment, as well as yourself and all beings. As well this mantra helps purify your perceptions, thoughts, and emotions.


Follow this technique when silently chanting the mantra OM, AH, HUM:

As you inhale, inwardly chant OM,

When the breath is retained in the body chant AH,

When you exhale chant HUM.

In breath OM.... pause AH.....out breath HUM...

Silently keep repeating OM AH HUM with each breath.


You may begin to sense or feel a flow of universal energy from within your body outward and back inward again. This is excellent progress , for when you chant OM on the in breath Universal Energy gathers within the vibrational field of this sound. When you chant AH Universal Energy becomes a still and open realm. On the out breath when you chant HUM the Universal Energy flows back into the universe and spreads benefits in all directions. OM AH HUM. You may also chant this mantra out loud.


When you have completed your meditation remember to ground yourself deep within the earth. It is very beneficial to practise chanting the mantras daily. Mantras can help to keep your mind concentrated and attuned to the flow of experience. Chanting silently or aloud throughout the day will help you to remain grounded, balanced, and focussed.