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I offer a variety of workshops and courses.


More information and details on this will be available very soon.


Please check back on this page in the near future.


For further inquiries please contact me through the CONTACT form on this website.








Individualized mentoring provides you with a personalized toolkit designed to assist you in growing and evolving spiritually, accessing your Higher Self, and aiding you on your journey to wholeness and empowerment.


Tools may include : 


- a specific form of meditation


- healing, protection, and purification methods


- techniques to connect to your Higher Self



For more information and pricing please contact me through the CONTACT form on this website.      




Portrait of Vicki Israel by photographer Yukiko Onley
selfie - September 2019

This site is lovingly created and maintained by Vicki Israel, a contemporary modern individual with an upbeat pragmatic attitude and an inquisitive mind. Vicki has an on-going life long passion for discovering, researching, and studying both ancient and cutting edge methods, practises, and techniques that will help her to grow and evolve spiritually and explore the inner realms of consciousness. She considers herself a life long student.... 


Vicki is also a Creative with roots in all aspects of the design, art, and fashion industry. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts from Emily Carr University as well as a post graduate Certificate in Digital Art and Interactive Media. As a devoted educator Vicki is currently an instructor at Emily Carr University Continuing Studies and Blanche MacDonald Centre. As well as teaching in formal settings Vicki also offers creative classes and workshops for small groups. As an instructor Vicki is known for being a warm, approachable positive teaching force who inspires and encourages her students. To view her Art and Design site please visit: