Fashion girl with fan offering tips on personal style and creative ideas. Illustration by Vicki Israel
Illustration by Vicki Israel

I'm crazy about fashion! When I was younger I followed the latest trends and spent hours sewing outfits to wear on weekends. Every weekend it was a new outfit. I would hunt for inexpensive fabric and jam patterns onto pieces of fabric that were smaller than the recommend yardage. I would pour through British, French, and Italian Vogue magazines for inspiration. I couldn't get enough. I lived, breathed, and immersed myself in fashion.


Then I decided to design my own fashion and got a label under my own name. I began creating one-of-a-kind jackets then branched out into jewellery. I got so carried away sewing, creating jewellery, and building sculptures in the film industry that I developed tendonitis and arthritis and that put an end to hands-on production. I was devastated, what would I do? Fashion was a passion for me and creating was my life blood.


So I began hunting for vintage pieces, for statement pieces and mixed them with classic timeless pieces. I remade and repurposed garments every now and then when my wounded hands permitted it. I wore my own artwear jewellery or assembled bits and pieces I had left over to create something new.


And so began the creation of my own personal style.


Below are some tips on creating your own personal style and creative ideas on recycled, multipurpose fashion as well as tips on vintage, preloved, and 'sew it yourself" clothing.

personal style

multi colour images of woman asking "who am I" and hearing " be yourself"
Illustration by Vicki Israel

creative ideas

Young  woman tapping into creative ideas for fashion