Wise woman and Raven offering tips to aid in your journey through life. Illustration by Vicki Israel
Illustration by Vicki Israel

Daily Practise

I would like to share with you my daily practise. I find that these practises assist in keeping me aligned with my Higher Wisdom and set up each day to be one of conscious present awareness.




( While still in bed in morning )

1.  Thank everyone.

2.  Gratitude.

3.  Affirmation. 


After getting up )

4.  Set intent for the day and choose a card from a Wisdom Deck.


( During the day )

5.  Remind myself of my daily intent and guidance from Wisdom Card. Get back into Gratitude.


( End of Day )

6.  Half hour + meditation, review day.


( In bed before sleep )

7.  Thank everyone and ask for guidance in my dreams.




1.  Thank everyone:

For example - all those who are there for you on the inner planes ( God/Gods/Goddesses, Spirit Guides, Guardians, Gurus, etc. ) as well as the outer planes ( daily plane of existence )


2.  Gratitude:

Make a list of all that you are grateful for. 

 for example - good health and well being, work and $, friends/family/loved ones past and present ( animal and human ), teachers/mentors, your home and all that resides within, where you live, abundance, and safety


3.  Affirmation:

Create a positive statement that aids in your personal empowerment and confidence building. Make sure that you are "feeling" it. Linking emotions to your affirmation is crucial for success.

For example - " I am beautiful, loved, and supported." While you are repeating this affirmation imagine that you really ARE beautiful, FEEL loved and supported. How would that feel??? 


4. Set intent for the day:

For example - work on project

                        - be a healing force

                        - do no harm

                        - keep negative emotions in check

                        - be kind and compassionate


    Choose a card from your Wisdom/Oracle Deck.

                         - Ground and centre 

                         - Connect to your heart chakra or link up with your Higher Self by focusing on the area a few inches above you head                                           

                         - While shuffling the deck ask your Higher Wisdom/Higher Self to give you guidance for the day.  Choose one card.

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck by Kim Krans


This is my favourite Wisdom Deck written and illustrated by Kim Krans. An image of a Dragon's eye decorates the cover. Dragon is a creature of Spirit, a symbol of transformation and "when dragon energy is awakened we are visionary and courageous."

 Animal Spirit Creatures ( of which there are 63 ) are divided according to the 5 elements. 


EARTH for creatures of the field and forest

WATER for creatures of oceans, rivers, and lakes

FIRE for creature of the desert and grasslands

AIR for creatures of the sky

SPIRIT for creatures of the ether


I shuffled the deck to ask for an example of one of the cards for this writing and I got THE NIGHTINGALE, a creature of AIR.

Nightingale is a " Fearless Voice, Speech, Communication, or Song".

It speaks of "opening the bridge between the heart and the voice." it encourages us to speak or write or sing our truth. That is what I am doing in this site so I feel a confirmation that I'm doing what I am supposed to be doing!

The Nightingale suggests we involve ourselves in music if we feel blocked and unable to speak or communicate. 


5. During the day:

Remind yourself of your intent for the day and setback into gratitude.


6. End of the day:

I like to spend at least half an hour meditating followed by reflection on the day.


I alternate the type of meditation I do:


- It could be using a Mantra, Following the Breath, Silent Meditation, Raising myself on the Planes, Focussing on Breathing into the Heart Chakra, Meditation on Compassion, Visualization etc.


- It could also involve Pathworking, Remote Viewing, or Lucid Dreaming.


- I also listen to apps on my iPad such as the BRAINWAVE 32 BINAURAL PROGRAM app that uses sound to program brainwaves. There are a variety on brainwave settings. I mostly listen to the Meditation, Theda meditation, and Lucid Dreaming settings.

Another app I use is CHAKRA TUNER by Jonathan Goldman. This is an amazing powerful app that combines seed sounds ( mantras ) with the appropriate chakra. You can just listen and open up to the sound and allow it to activate your chakras or you can be a more active participant and chant along with the app.


7. In bed before sleep:

Thank everyone and ask for guidance in your dreams.