Girl demonstrating Inner Techniques

The techniques listed below work best when you are relaxed. Try this relaxation exercise before proceeding.



Place yourself into a comfortable position before beginning.

Focus on each muscle group in your body and consciously relax each area.  Gently close your eyes and turn your thoughts inward, this is a time for healing, and focussing, for being in the here and now...

Turn your attention to your feet and wiggle them a bit then let them go - feel the muscles relaxing - feel it deeply - let go of the tension - completely -  let it go... Become aware of your calves - feel any tension relaxing - soft and loose - feel it deeply.  Let it go...

Now become aware of your thighs - relax the muscles - your legs feel warm and heavy - soft and loose - let the tension go...

Next the buttocks - relax the area - deeper and deeper - more and more - let it go...

Become aware of your belly - relax the muscles and let your stomach hang out - soft and loose - calm and relaxed  - softer and softer - let it go..


Now the arms - shake them out and relax the muscles - feel your hands loosen - they are warm and heavy - release all tension and let it go...

Become aware of your shoulders - lift them slightly then gently let them go   - feel the tension leaving - the muscles softening and becoming heavy - relaxing - they feel very loose now let it go...

Tilt your head to the left very gently and stretch your neck, repeat to the right - feel the muscles relaxing - feel it deeply - let go of the tension - completely -  let it go...

Now for the jaw, if you feel tension there open your mouth a bit , then release - let the jaw drop - calm and relaxed, the tongue soft and loose  - let it go...

Become aware of your eyes and forehead. feel the release of tension when you relax the muscles - the forehead smooths out, everything softens - let it go...



Your body now is soft, gentle, relaxed, and loose.


You are now ready to begin the Techniques listed below!


Perfect balance and grounding stones


Grounding is a technique used to connect with the earth. When you feel scattered, lack focus, feel emotionally overwhelmed, or just spaced out grounding is a method to center yourself. Grounding is also used at the beginning of a meditation session and helps place you in the here and now.

Before beginning the meditation practice it is very important to center and ground ourselves deep within the earth. Imagine a cord or root system extending downward from the base of your spine and sinking deep within the earth. The roots extend downward as well as spreading outward. This anchors us to the planet, acts as a center of strength within us, and creates a solid foundation to work from. Grounding provides us a channel through which energies flow. Excess energies build up during the meditation may be safely channeled downwards through this pathway to provide healing energies to the earth. You may also draw upon earth's vitality by raising energy upward from the center of the earth through the cord/root system to nourish and replenish yourself.  


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Cleansing and Purifying blue light


Within and surrounding our aura are many types of energies. Some of these energies come from people we see during the course of the day while other types of energies come from the thoughts and feelings we experience as a reaction to these people, from news reports we hear, and from worries and anxieties we find ourselves revisiting in our mind. The more we revisit these types of thoughts and feelings the more powerful they become. All these types of energies tend to clutter and muddy our aura and may affect our ability to stay focussed, aware, and centred. We can't control other people's energies but we can control how it affects us. We can control how much we fret, worry, and remain in a state of stress or anxiety, endlessly replaying upsetting scenarios. There are several methods available to help us purify and cleanse ourselves of these unwanted energies. The end of the day is an ideal time to practise the methods listed below as your aura can strengthen and rejuvenate as you rest and heal with a good night's sleep.


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Protection using Light


As living creatures we already have a built in protective system surrounding us. It is known as our aura. The aura is the natural emanation of electromagnetic energy that radiates outward from your body. It forms a luminous force field in the shape of an egg and is composed of subtle colour radiances which reflect the quality of your consciousness, emotions, thoughts, and health.  Under normal circumstances that is all that is necessary to protect yourself but if you sense or feel the need for protection from negative energies created by the harmful thoughts and feelings of others, upsetting situations, toxic places and environments, people who drain you of your energy, or experience bad dreams, there are several protective techniques that you can practise and apply to yourself, others, objects, and places.


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